The Volger Model

As a company, you probably have had different stories that you told your clients over the years. If you have done this, you probably know how tricky it can be to develop them in the first place, and get a successful outcome that pitches sales or brings in new customers. There is no universal to do check list, that will lead to prosperity, however, there are some guidelines marketing people use to get there.

The Volger ModelOne is the Christopher Volger model. This might help you find out what is the missing link in your storytelling. It consists of 10 steps to follow and return to them repeatedly. It is composed of three acts, with three actions each.

The journey, the first act is composed of the analysis of the conventional market, which is the existing marketing situation and how your clients identify with your brand. The challenge is the goal you set up for the future, the desired outcome, the dream scenario you imagine for your brand.

The rejection of the challenge step is the reason that collapsed your plans.

The second act is about the actions you have to take in order to build a successful campaign: the appointment of the sage, crossing the unfamiliar and mapping the road of challenges. All these steps are the hard ones to achieve. We are the company that can provide guidance, lead your audience to you and help your brand move to the future together with the challenges that might come along the road.

The third act is composed of the last two steps in the campaign, but also the preparation for another pass in the whole process. The final challenge is the exact achievement you will get at the end of the process. Looking back step shows the changes that happened from the last campaign and the final renewal is the preparation for future difficulties that might come.

The ultimate step is the celebration and plan another pass cycle. Our aim is to boost the triumph and put your brand where you want it to be.